Goddess of sky and mother of all dragons and dragonkin, Veeshan was the first of the known deities to take notice of Norrath and deposit her children there. She is also known as the Wyrmqueen, the Crystalline Dragon, and the Mother of All Wyrms, and rules the Plane of Sky, though noone has ever been known to have actually seen her there.

Very early in Norrath's history, Veeshan deposited the First Brood of dragons on Norrath, marking the frozen continent of Velious with her gargantuan claws, forming the great canyons known as the Scars of Veeshan before moving on to claim other worlds. Her claim to Norrath was soon challenged, however, by Brell Serilis and a coalition of gods including Tunare, Prexus, and to a limited extent, Rallos Zek, who all created their own mortal races to take the dominance of the young world away from the dragons, a mission in which they were largely successful. Despite this interference with her claim on Norrath, the Wyrmqueen was still not heard from directly again until the draconic civil war sparked by the mad prismatic dragon Kerafyrm. The devastating consequences of this war prompted Veeshan to issue a decree to her priests forbidding two dragons of different colors from mating in order to prevent another prismatic dragon from ever being created again. Other than this incident, there has been no confirmed contact with the Wyrmqueen since she first visited Norrath.

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