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The Planes of Power, Part III

Plane of Justice

Having endured the trials, the Tribunal has agreed to reconsider Mavuin's case.

Mavuin is grateful to you for taking his case before the Tribunal. The information provided to you, that Mithaniel Marr and Karana carry information you should seek, could be quite useful.

Plane of Disease

Adler Fuirstel tells you, 'Can you smell it? It is the musk of death and pestilence. It is a smell that I have welcomed for so long, but now it turns my stomach. My brother Milyk and I have come here from Qeynos. We were members of the Bloodsabers but sought higher enlightenment. Upon arriving here Milyk began to channel all of his energy into opening the portal to the Plane of Disease.'

Adler Fuirstel tells you, 'We sought only the wisdom of Bertoxxulous. When Milyk finished his chant and the portal opened, it began to spew out this vile pestilence you see before you. Milyk caught the brunt of the plague, and his condition worsens. I have been infected as well, and am weak but I will go into the plane to save my brother if I must. The weavers have seen in their tapestries that one holds a ward that will halt the effects of the toxins that the touch of Bertoxxulous brings.'

Adler Fuirstel tells you, 'The ward is carried by the one that Bertoxxulous has created to protect the entrance into his den. If you dare travel into this pungent plane and find the ward bring it back. If we can halt the advanced toxins in Milyk's system maybe we can save him.'

Adler Fuirstel wishes you to obtain the Ward from the Plane of Disease and take it to his ill brother Milyk.

Grummus has been destroyed, about his corpse you found a small ward to protect from disease.

You recognize the sound of the voice echoing in your mind to be Milyk Fuirstel's. He tells you before fading, 'I beg of you, return to me with the ward that now envelops your body. This etheric energy is the only thing that can stop this plague that has been placed upon me.'

Adler Fuirstel tells you, 'Please you must hurry! Take the ward that surrounds you back to my brother and lift the sickness that has come over him!'

Elder Fuirstel slowly turns towards you. You can feel the heat radiating from his face. The warding that envelopes your body reaches out and begins to surround him. You immediately see improvement in his condition. The pus filled sores covering his face and his burning fever start to vanish. 'Thank you friend. I no longer feel the touch of death on my soul. However I do feel the grasp on Bertoxxulous, his plague is still upon me but not spreading throughout my body. I fear the only way to remove this pox would be to weaken Bertoxxulous enough that his curse would be lifted. I now renounce my faith in Bertoxxulous, please fell this god so that I may continue and learn from my mistakes.'

Now that Grummus has been destroyed, the entrance to the Crypt of Bertoxxulous should open before your might.

Adler Fuirstel tells you, 'Did you learn how to get into Bertoxxulous' lair when you retrieved the ward? In my brother's vision he spoke of a huge metal pipe, that would only be affected by one that carries the knowledge of what lies behind it. Go now into disease and move the rotted pipe that is behind Grummus. There you will find the Lord of Pestilence. I beg of you for the mercy of my brother, and myself, weaken Bertoxxulous to a point where his curse on us can be lifted.'

Crypt of Decay

Milyk has been saved from certain death, but is not recovering. Only by destroying the ruler of all things pestilent will his curse be lifted.

Bertoxxulous has been slain. The curse from Milyk has been lifted.

As you recall your memory of your battle against the Plaguebringer, an image of the Fuirstel brothers flashes through your mind.

Saved from certain doom, Milyk and Adler are forever in your debt.

Plane of Nightmare

Adroha Jezith says 'My pity onto Thelin. His life on Norrath was a miserable one. As a young man he began to study the workings of fear inspired by Cazic-Thule. The workings had been translated for mortals by Zebuxoruk. Pouring over the texts, Thelin felt his mind being invaded by Cazic. This information was not for mortal usage and the malevolent god stripped him of all his earthly belongings and cursed him to live in poverty and ruin.'

Adroha Jezith says 'Aye, he lived in the streets of Eastern Freeport, begging from those passing through the port. He sat quivering, propped up against a wall with one hand out as he watched the travelers pass by. None of them even gave him a second glance. Several years would pass before a female dwarf would arrive to trade some of her family's armor and weapons. She saw and took pity on Thelin. She knelt down, scratched her beard then began to rummage through her backpack. She then placed a jeweled dagger in his hand, smiled and returned to her former business.'

Adroha Jezith says 'This was the only gift that Thelin had received since the curse. It was beautifully crafted and would likely have fetched a handsome price upon the market. He decided to keep the dagger as it was such a kind gesture. Later that eve, Thelin heard the calling of others that studied Zebuxoruk's workings. He recognized the language they called out in. He approached the men and explained he had studied the writings of Zebuxoruk. One of the shaded figures then began to mutter an incantation. Suddenly, there was a bright flash, lush vegetation and a peaceful breeze surrounded them. They had ascended here, to the Plane of Tranquility where they could further study the works without interference from the gods and mortals alike.'

Adroha Jezith says 'Thelin enjoyed it here. He assisted the other followers by using all his mana to open a portal to the Plane of Nightmares, the demi-plane ruled by the child of The Faceless, Terris-Thule. Spent from using all his energies, he went to bed early after his victory had been achieved in this task. As he laid in bed, he looked over the dagger that had been given to him by the female dwarf. He smiled at the new peace he had found here and began to fall asleep. Drifting away into the realm of dreams, his subconscious was assaulted by the horrors of a nightmare. He tossed and turned from the visions that came before him. So bad did he writhe in his subconscious torment that he turned on the dagger. He was critically injured, and let out a wrenching scream. We found him and were able to heal his wound enough to keep him alive. However, he still lies in a deep coma seemingly tortured by nightmares.'

Adroha Jezith tells you, 'It is our belief that Terris-Thule is punishing him for allowing entrance into her plane. She seems to have an exceedingly strong tie to him. Since her father has already punished him, she likely found that he was easily tormented by her own powers. Sometimes he talks while tossing and turning. We have taken note of everything he has said. He has said 'I accept your offer Terris-Thule', 'I must find the pieces', and 'It never ends'. You must help him. Go through the portal that he has helped to create. Try to find his planar projection in Terris' plane. Help him wake from this torment. Please, I beg you. I cannot stand to watch him suffer any longer.'

Thelin Poxbourne says 'Terris hear me now! I have done as you have called for. My beloved dagger is whole once again! Come now keep up your part of the bargain.'

Terris Thule says 'You fool! You did not earn this prize on your own! The contract that has been drawn is now invalid. You will never leave my grasp, prepare your soul for eternal torment!'

Thelin Poxbourne says 'Vile wench, I knew in the end it would come to this. You shall pay dearly for your injustice here.'

Terris Thule laughs heartily and then vanishes in a swirl of incorporeal mist.

Thelin Poxbourne says 'So then my hope is nearly lost. Take with you my dagger. Plunge it deep into her soulless heart. If I cannot escape from this plane under her rules, I shall make my own!'

Thelin Poxbourne tells you, 'Please destroy her for all that we have had to endure her hideous visions.' Thelin closes his eyes and is swept away from his nightmare. The land of pure thought begins to vanish from around you.

Saved from a world of eternal nightmares, Thelin is forever in your debt.

Plane of Torment

Fahlia Shadyglade tells you, 'Greetings travelers. Please excuse me but I must attend to Tylis for his condition does not improve.'

Fahlia Shadyglade tells you, 'It all goes back to when I found him. I had just purchased a new fishing pole in the hopes of finding some time to relax on the shores of the island. As I was walking out of the shop, I heard a distant moan. I walked toward the source and found Tylis lying by the reflecting pool. The pool was different, though. It now had a small black cube floating over it. I tried to wake Tylis but was not successful. I then brought him here and have been caring for him since.'

Fahlia Shadyglade tells you, 'I do not like that cube at all. Just thinking of it brings pain to my mind. Gazing upon it gives the sensation of being slowly rent apart at each limb. I believe that whatever has fallen over Tylis is related to this cursed cube. Other elders claim that it is a portal that will lead into the Plane of Torment.'

Fahlia Shadyglade tells you, 'It is not a plane that was originally sought to be reached by our elders. It is their belief though that Saryrn, the Mistress of Torment, intends to breed her suffering even into this protected plane of Quellious. I wish I had the strength to go into the Plane of Torment and find out exactly the nature of the current circumstances to have afflicted Tylis, but I cannot leave his side in good conscience.'

Fahlia Shadyglade tells you, 'Wonderful. I did not think that an outsider was one that I could trust to aid me in this. One name that Tylis has mentioned in agony is that of Maareq. I do not know whom this is, but he must be instrumental in Tylis' suffering. You must find Maareq and do what you must to release Tylis from this torture.'

Tylis Newleaf doesn't move, but struggles to whisper, '...help ...end this torment ...will you come? I can show you the pain... it moves in the shadows of my mind... will you assist me?'

Tylis Newleaf says 'Please tell me when you are ready. I do not know if I have enough energy to channel all of you, but I can try. When you are ready, I will channel you into my pain.'

Tylis Newleaf tells you, 'I must thank you for your kind efforts friends. This place has laid claim to me for far too long. Please take care and offer the dark wench my best. I am off... and I suggest you not stray to far from that route yourselves. Please tell me when you are ready to return and may your blades strike true!'

Your tormented visions have ended.

Iramai Sacredsoul says 'Oh, hello. I am sorry, I did not see you approach. I have been giving all of my attention to poor Phanti here.'

Iramai Sacredsoul says 'A few days ago Phanti started to get very ill, while she was preparing herself for another trip into Saryrn's domain. We are not sure exactly was caused her to fall into this malaise, although we do have our suspicions.'

Iramai Sacredsoul says 'Torment, the Plane of Pain. She was doing some research on the denizens there, should you help us, I could grant you and your companions entry. The key will not do Phanti any good for quite some time.'

Iramai Sacredsoul says 'Recently, the portal from the Plane of Disease has been unusually active. People have been reporting strange sounds from around the portal at night, and a few of our trackers have seen strange, almost rodent like, footprints. Our best guess is that one of the denizens of the Plane of Disease managed to make its way into our plane. If this is true, it may explain the unnaturally quick manifestation of the disease. Perhaps, the bile from one of the rodents will help us learn of the cause, and hopefully a cure.'

Iramai Sacredsoul pours the bile into a small flask, there is a puff of green smoke, which turns white as it floats into the sky. 'This is good news. It appears that this is the cause for her disease, but I have neither the tools, nor the knowledge to create a cure. There is rumor of an indigo orc who may prove useful to us in this area, but he is imprisoned in the Plane of Justice. Ask him about rare diseases. He was known to have cured many, prior to his imprisonment.'

Brugga says, in Orcish, 'Ragh!' He eyes you with pure hatred. 'Indigo, my dark bowels... treachery it is, treachery against the clan. Gharol paid! Paid for it!' He shows you his hands and grins maliciously. 'Paid, he did!'

Brugga snorts. 'You have someone that needs killing, or someone that needs saving? It not matter to Brugga, but you smell of a hero, so Brugga think there someone need saving. Well Brugga have time, so you give Brugga the disease and Brugga see.'

Brugga dips his finger into the flask and tastes the liquid, 'Hmm, someone start work on this already and it still vile. This nothing that Brugga have trouble to cure, we just need stronger toxins to drive this one back. Brugga need a gnome made crawlerpoison, a venom sack from the Terror Matriarch, and the stinger from a Nettling Wraith, Brugga make you a cure.'

Brugga says, in Orcish, 'Yes, Brugga work with this.' Brugga chants and makes strange gestures while mixing the objects in his mortar and pestle. 'Ok, Brugga finished now. You have your cure, give cure with the bile and that will heal. You go now, Brugga done talking.'

Iramai Sacredsoul says 'Hmm, it looks like I will need both the cure and the purified bile in order to heal Phanti.'

Iramai Sacredsoul says 'You've done it! Praise the Tranquil! I can already see Phanti's condition improving. Take these, Phanti is not going to be doing any planar exploration any time soon. She was planning on using them to bring her research party into Torment, make good use of them, and stay safe. Thank you again for your help.'

Phanti Sacredsoul stops sweating and a little color returns to her cheeks as Iramai pours the liquid into her mouth.

Plane of Innovation

Nitram Anizok says 'Oh my hello! It has been such a long time since I have had visitors. Have you come to learn of advanced tinkering as well?'

Nitram Anizok says 'Aye, I advanced to this plane due to my work on tinkering back in Ak`Anon. A grand city it is, but my abilities were compromised with the materials I had to work with there. My body and soul has come to rest here, forever coming up with new ideas. You should be aware though that this plane is not how it was when I arrived. Much construction has taken place.'

Nitram Anizok says 'When I first arrived I started creating smaller things. As time went on my inventions became more and more focused and impressive. I started building steam powered clockwork to help me gather materials. I had gone too far giving them the ability to learn and with a built in desire of self perpetuation. They began to integrate themselves with the clockwork that already existed within the factory that you can see if you step outside. I once worked within the factory with a kind and fair gnome, Meldrath. Now that he has gone missing the clockworks seem to be working towards a more devious goal. The clockwork out here in the junkyard have been discarded due to their malfunction or replacement by a more efficient series. Needless to say their instinct for survival has not been lost.'

Nitram Anizok says 'The clockwork have become increasingly aggressive because of their desperation for spare parts. I have to defend myself anytime I head out to find parts for my tinkering. I fear for my safety with what is being built in the factory. I have started to build myself my own means of defense. It is nearly completed but I need an odd combination of batteries to start it up. I should have planned more carefully for it to use simple mana batteries.'

Nitram Anizok says 'Well you see when I was back home it was common for me to use a mycological spore extricate-kinetoconvertor to power my devices. I started planning my defense to use this as a power source out of sheer habit. Here in this desolation the mushrooms that were grown back home do not exist. I am going to have to rig something from spare parts. It is taking a long time with my having to search the junkyard small portions at a time due to the clockworks. Would you help me in collecting materials?'

Nitram Anizok peers over some schematics laying on a table next to him. 'Let us see here. I have some of the base parts for the power source. If you could collect a copper node, a bundle of super conductive wires, and an intact power cell I could power up the machine. Good luck to you, I hope that we can work together on this.'

You remember Nitram's words - 'three small turns to the right on the bottommost rivet should open the door'.

Giwin Mirakon tells you, 'How did you get in here? Hrmm no matter, you will be helping me now for I am a great warrior of Rallos Zek and I know you wish not to provoke my fury!'

Giwin Mirakon tells you, 'Yeah, you heard me! You know that I must be important if Rallos himself has plucked me from battlefield to complete this task. Even though I serve my lord, I am desperate to return to my place on the eternal battlefield.'

Giwin Mirakon tells you, 'Ya, you see Rallos sent me here to contract the machines to work on a mana powered piece of machinery that could test all on the eternal battlefield. This weapon of ultimate destruction is taking quite a long time to be completed. You know... If you were to go test the machine and it were to fail against you I could be on my way back to tell Rallos that it was defeated by mere mortals. Help me to get back to the battlefield and out of this rusted out junkheap.'

Giwin Mirakon tells you, 'Haha! I knew I sensed the warring spirit within you. Go through over there. Ignore those steam powered soldiers and their talk of perimeters. Go into the main construction area. You will know you are there when you see power carriers taking energy to power up the machine. If you can stop the energy carriers from releasing their energy the machine will activate to see what has happened. I shall come to check on you and take a full report when you have destroyed it. Long live Rallos!'

Grooble says 'What? How did you get here? Where are the guards? Have you come to free me from my accursed task?'

Grooble says 'I was caught by a nasty gnome who makes me toil night and day tending to this infernal machine! Oh, if I could only escape . . . But there are so many other guards I could never make it out of here. And yet here you are . . . No friend of the gnome I see. Perhaps you've come to destroy his machine?'

Grooble says 'I can help you in this task if you agree to help me escape. It will not be easy though. We will need to fight our way past some guards and then you will need to protect me as I disable the machine once and for all. Will you help me now then?'

Grooble says 'Good, then I will need you to find the two tin-soldier overseers that run the machine. Working in unison they both manage and control the machine's output of iron-clad warriors. Each of them carries one half of a coded key that is required to gain access into the machine's central core. Once you have disabled both overseers and I have this key, I will be able to dismantle the machine's core.'

Grooble says 'Yes, here it is... the acme master control nexus. Take this as proof that the machine will no longer function. Your attacks within this fortress have also caused enough of a diversion that I think I can escape on my own. Many thanks to you!'

Ronar Flametip says 'Very good. I watched your final fight against the mechanized tide of Rallos and saw your triumph. I shall dispose of this part properly so that Norrath will never be in danger from this threat again. Though this part of your journey is at an end, I sense that many more paths now exist for you to tread upon. Fare thee well!'

Plane of Valor

Paralin Notion says 'You're either brave, or you're stupid.'

Paralin Notion says 'That you are. Perhaps you'd be interested in helping our company.'

Paralin Notion says 'We're a part of the Battalion of Marr. We're soldiers from Che Virtuson. We were dispatched to this part of the Plane of Valor to eliminate an age old target. Unfortunately, due to some recent events our mission has been placed on hold and our squad has been asked to remain behind.'

Paralin Notion says 'We are a part of Ducee Tapferson. Our squad is known for our bravery. We were successful in capturing this razorfiend earlier today. You've shown some bravery as well my friend and that is the reason I request your assistance.'

Paralin Notion says 'These vile beasts live in the caves west of here.'

Paralin Notion says 'Many of us here are anxious to leave. Many wish to regroup with the rest of our company. Others wish to go back to the Halls to complete the Trials.'

Paralin Notion says 'The Trials are overseen by the Heroes of Marr. It's these Trials that allow us to rise in rank. Only those who have passed the trials are able to enter the Temple of Marr. Now if you wish to aid us I must ask you to do a few things.'

Paralin Notion says 'You must find the Master Sergeant and tell him that you are here to aid the cause.'

Master Sergeant Aaramis Daryln looks you over and says in a deep voice 'What could you possibly do to aid our cause. Perhaps you think you can slay Aerin`Dar himself?' The Master Sergeant begins to laugh uncontrollably. 'I suggest you go back to whoever filled your head with this nonsense and stop wasting my time.'

Master Sergeant Aaramis Daryln says 'I don't have time to explain the glass dragon to you. Leave before I get angry.'

Paralin Notion says 'I'm sorry the Master Sergeant was unable to help you. Perhaps you should prove yourself before you attempt to jump 'into the fire' so to speak.'

Paralin Notion says 'We've been running into a lot of problems lately with the razorfiends and the planarian larvae. Many soldiers have been getting sick because of the infestations that they cause. Capture the hearts of a razorfiend, a crystalline spider and a planarian larvae and bring them back to me. Our squad had enough problems capturing this small razorfiend here. This will become your first so called 'Trial'. It should be enough to prove your worth.'

Paralin Notion looks at you with surprise. 'Very good my friend. You've definitely proven yourself. Find the Master Sergeant. He should be able to help you this time.'

Master Sergeant Aaramis Daryln says 'I heard what you did for Paralin Notion. That's quite a noble feat indeed. Perhaps we can use your help. However, you'll need to talk to the Captain first. After all, I can't have you walking in the glass lair without permission.'

Master Sergeant Aaramis Daryln says 'It's the prison that Aerin`Dar has been encased in for many generations.'

Master Sergeant Aaramis Daryln says 'Aerin`Dar is the crystalline dragon who once roamed the Plane of Valor. During a severe rainstorm it was struck down to the very core of its being. The mighty Aerin`Dar fell from the sky and landed in what is now known as the Glassy Wasteland. Planarian larvae began to infest its body eventually turning its pure heart to evil. Our company was dispatched to this region of Valor to eliminate the threat.'

Master Sergeant Aaramis Daryln says 'My squad of men are a part of Che Virtuson. However, we specifically are a part of Ducee Buled. We fall under the command of Captain Ryglot. Our mission, for the time being, is simple. But we've run into some problems lately.'

Master Sergeant Aaramis Daryln says 'Not too fast. You'll have to speak to the Captain about that. I'm not at liberty to divulge that information at this time. That information is classified. I can tell you, but then I'd have to kill you.' Aaramis laughs. 'Go to Captain Ryglot and he'll be able to fill you in with all the details.'

Captain Ryglot Cupperhide says 'I am very busy at the moment. Perhaps you should come back at another time.'

Captain Ryglot Cupperhide says 'I can't go into any great detail, but the Crystalline Globe was taken from our command structure. It's believed to have been separated into three pieces. Unfortunately, we're having a lot of trouble relocating it. Perhaps you'd like to help.'

Captain Ryglot Cupperhide says 'That's good to hear. I wish we had more soldiers like yourself willing to help. I'm going to need you to locate the missing pieces of the globe and bring them back to me. After you've acquired the pieces perhaps you'd be able to rally enough people to lend us a hand with another mission objective we've been unable to fulfill do to our diminished numbers.'

Captain Ryglot Cupperhide says 'Well, I can't go into any details as to our main purpose is, but one of our missions was to exterminate the crystalline dragon. However, due to our company being split we are unable to go forward with this part of the operation. It has been placed on hold, pending the outcome of the war.'

Captain Ryglot Cupperhide says 'Unfortunately, that is one of the things that I'm unable to speak of at this time. However, if you are willing to help rally some people together I may be able to release some more information to you.'

Plane of Storms

Askr looks up at you and when he does, you take note of the scraggly beard on his weather-worn face; the scent of ale permeates your senses and pushes you to look away slightly. In an apparent drunken stupor, Askr begins to speak with surprising clarity. 'Here to wash the windows and clean the flooring, are you? No? Well, you can't be much help then. And the likes of you obviously wouldn't be able to get rid of the massive problem we're having. Bah, says I. You can help me no more than any of these other vagrants. Leave me alone to my ale and my misery.'

The drunken stupor that Askr had been in earlier appears to vanish in an instant; a glimmer of hope now flashes in the depths of his eyes. 'This is the head of a giant...a storm giant from outside the caves.' Askr ponders what this revelation could mean. He mutters to himself, 'If it is possible that someone has indeed bested a giant here in the planes, then perhaps it is possible. . .' He looks back at you very sternly and asks, 'Tell me now and be truthful, was it you who severed the head of this giant from his body?'

Askr the Lost says 'Truly, I am amazed that someone of your caliber was able to do what I could not. I have been stuck in these desolate caves for so long, I had almost lost hope that I would ever find a way to get rid of those accursed giants. But you... you have been able to best at least one of them. It is reasonable to suggest that if you are able to dispatch one, you may be able to dispatch others. I need to know for sure if you are as capable an individual as it appears you are. This is very important, so are you paying attention?'

Askr the Lost says 'This place was once beautiful and serene, with the great Karana's showers falling day and night soothing the lands and the creatures that inhabit it. Alas, there was an invasion of a superior force -- the storm giants which you have encountered. They laid waste to the lands, burned down trees, and have caused so much havoc I don't even know what is to become of it. Originally, they came as one group and crossed the breadth of the land pillaging and plundering all that they could find. Over time, though, they grew apart and distinct factions grew around Mount Grenidor.'

Askr the Lost says 'To the south of Grenidor lay Srerendi, Shores of the Lost and the Srerendi storm giants. Born of the ocean and the cool air, they lay claim to the shores and the plains inland as their own. To the west of Grenidor lay Krendic, Sands of Chaos and the Krendic storm giants. They have skin that is thick as dirt and blend in well with their surroundings. To the north of the great mount lay Kelek`Vor, the Forest of Tears and the Kelek`Vor storm giants. They are born of the wood and take great pleasure in seeing it used to their own purposes.'

Askr the Lost says 'I must know if you are truly capable of defeating the storm giants that abound here. To do this, you must slay one of each of the three factions and return to me something specific to each tribe: from the Srerendi storm giants, return their shorn beard; from the Krendic storm giants, a piece of their rocky carcass; from the Kelek`Vor storm giants, the crest from their warrior garments. These three items will ensure that you indeed do have the ability to defeat the foul denizens that have seized control of these lands. When you have acquired the three of these items, seal them in this bag and return them to me, so that I know that you are indeed capable of fulfilling a hero's destiny.'

Askr looks over the remnants of the storm giants in his hands then looks up at you with a glimmer of hope in his eyes. 'Then it's true! You have the means to push back the scourge of giants. . . you must go forth to the Bastion of Thunder and finish there what you have started here. It is imperative that you clear the forces of giants from the Bastion so that order can be restored to the thunderous reaches beyond.'

Askr the Lost says 'To be honest, I cannot say that it is entirely possible, what with the ferocity of the giants and their reluctance to leave the lands they now inhabit. From what I do know, each of the Leaders of each tribe has one piece to allow entrance into the Bastion of Thunder. When two of these pieces are combined, they form an esoteric medallion that allows instant passage to the thunderous plains beyond. If you can find and seal two pieces of the medallion in this bag, I will be able to forge them into the medallion that will help you on your journey.'

The mystical medallion given to you by Askr settles around your neck and then disappears into nothingness. There is no call for alarm, for the medallion is now a part of your soul. Askr the Lost says 'You have retrieved the pieces! You are well on your way to pushing forth on your quest to return balance to the plains of thunder. The most difficult part lies before you... deep in the heart of Mount Grenidor, there is a tempest that rages on eternally. It is there that you must present your medallion to the skies above to be transported to the citadel of thunderous might. Take the medallion and go forth, then deliver these storm giants to their creator!'

Wembly the Forlorn grumbles under his breath, 'Yes, yes, I see you there. No need for you to shout I can see you just fine! Now, what was I saying? Yes that's right... let me know when you are done.'

Wembly the Forlorn says 'Yes done! Weren't you paying attention? Once you've gathered all the pieces of the key bring it to me and I'll put them back together for you.'

Wembly the Forlorn says 'THE Key, you really are as thick skulled as you look. You agree to help me and you aren't even paying attention.'

Wembly the Forlorn says 'You agree to help? Great! I haven't even told you what I needed yet, or why. It is very noble of you to offer me your assistance. I've been trapped here for a little too long, I washed up on the shore still tied to the mast of my ship. Wonder that I even survived the storm.'

Wembly the Forlorn says 'The Diaku Raiders, filthy sort if you ask me. I was out on a shipping run, when Diaku attacked, they pillaged all of my goods, then tied me to the mast and left me floating a sea. Then the storm came and ate my ship, and I woke up here, I swear that I saw some Diaku washed up on the shore with me.'

Wembly the Forlorn says 'The Diaku that attacked me! Pay attention for Karana's sake! You appear to be the fighting sort. You can help me kill the Diaku at their source in Drunder.'

Wembly the Forlorn says 'Drunder! The Fortress of Zek, the Zeks don't trust any one mortal to have free access to the fortress. The Diaku come and go in fours, and four parts are needed for entry. Of course they won't part with them easily. If you find four, and bring me four, I can make the four into one, and with one, you can get into Drunder without three more. Then, with your one, you can kill all of them. I would do it myself, but with my bad knee and all...'

Wembly the Forlorn says 'What's this? Four pieces of a Diaku Emblem? Why ever would you give these to me? Well I think I can get them to fit back together. You know, while you have this, I would be quite happy if you would avenge the loss of my dear ship and kill every Diaku you find? Yes that would be very good indeed. Here is your key, and a key for all your companions as well.'

Drunder, Fortress of Zek

Giwin would like you to find him in Drunder so he can present you to Rallos Zek.

The parchments of Rallos are scribed in a language that you cannot comprehend; they do however have detailed drawings of the manaetic behemoth that you have already destroyed.

The words of Maelin echo in your mind, 'The Zeks and Solusek are planning an invasion in Norrath, find out more from Rallos if you can.'

Your heart beat speeds as you recall the Warlord's flaming axe, behind the dark sockets of his helm you sense darker intentions.

Torden, the Bastion of Thunder

You have obtained the Talisman of Thunderous Foyer from Askr, he seeks further assistance in the Bastion of Thunder.

Askr the Lost looks down at the fallen corpses at his feet and begins to mumble quietly, 'Karana help me, I had no idea. I am sorry Rainkeeper, I have truly failed you. I must find a way to rouse him from his slumber.'

Askr the Lost says 'The Rainkeeper lies in deep meditation at the top of the great tower, Torden. His meditations have some how become tainted by a force from outside the plane. He lies in his tower besieged by all manner of dark visions and dreamscapes. I cannot fathom the focus it must take to discern the clairvoyance that the Rainkeeper controls. It is surely his fitful sleep that has caused this turmoil to reign here. You must gain entrance to Torden.'

Askr the Lost says 'An ethereal seal that is protected by the collective power of the lightning, blizzards, tornadoes, and sandstorms guards the tower. You must collect the essence of these storms in order to create the key that will allow you to enter the tower of Torden. But first you must earn the right to enter the courtyard of the Bastion. From there you will be able to find the storm essences.'

Askr the Lost says 'The courtyard will allow you access to the four greater towers as well as Torden itself. The strongest giants of the lower halls most likely hold the key that you will need to enter the courtyard. Be wary of the giants in this stronghold, they each hold a piece of the great power of the Rainkeeper, unbridled by his control and wisdom.'

As you think back to your meeting with Karana the Talisman in your chest warms and a light rain falls from the sky. When you look down, a small book written in a language you can not read, rests in your hands.

The History translated for you reveals the fate of Zebuxoruk. Trapped in the Plane of Time you must gain the power of the elements to gain entrance.

Halls of Honor and Temple of Marr

You have completed all of Honor's Trials.

The History translated for you reveals the fate of Zebuxoruk. Trapped in the Plane of Time you must gain the power of the elements to gain entrance.

The Cipher of the Divine Language appears on your arms for a brief moment then fades.

Tower of Solusek Ro

Arlyxir's wealth of knowledge flows through your mind. Jiva's strength fills your body. The power of Dresolik surges through you. Xuzl's arcane wisdom pulses in your mind. Rizlona's song slips through your thoughts.

The portal into the Plane of Fire has been altered. Miak needs you to find the correct way to channel the portal.

The true route to the Plane of Fire is now clear in your mind.

Elemental Planes

Maelin Starpyre's thoughts enter into your own. 'The singed parchment of Rallos lies in his dead hand. Bring it back to me I will translate them using the Cipher of Druzzil.'

Maelin tells you, 'Welcome back my friends. I assure you that I have been studying the Cipher of Druzzil very diligently. Did you happen to find any lore or information that I could look at?'

Maelin tells you, 'A parchment of Rallos'? Let me read it, it says that Rallos was not alone in his feelings about mortals. Solusek Ro also holds stake in the war to be led on Norrath. Not only this but he is channeling power from his father's plane into his own. He is taking that power and intensifying it through an artifact of great power, and then focusing it onto one point. It is a detailed as a crystal that burns with all the powers of the plane of fire. It is said to have the ability to turn the face of Norrath into a charred wasteland. They plan for a manaetic behemoth to carry and deposit it upon Norrath. You must stop these plans, you must stop Solusek!'

Maelin tells you, 'There is no way to escape from the prison that is The Plane of Time. I am sorry but your quest for information ends here. Time is something that none of us can escape. That is however... back when my explorations of the Planes were more common, I would travel searching for knowledge and lore to bring back to Tanaan. I stumbled into the Plane of Innovation. It was a great marvel to see indeed. I found the creator of all things mechanical. Meldrath the Marvelous was a kind and just gnome. We spent many weeks together discussing all of his devices. This included a machine that would allow you to open a tear into a period of time and enter into that time. The machine was more of a flight of whimsy though as the power necessary to power such a machine was enormous. He jokingly equated needing the very essence of the elements to power it.'

Maelin takes a deep breath and continues, 'I can see now that he was not joking at all. Let us suppose that you travelers could venture into the Elemental Planes and retrieve this essence; and form it into one powerful conglomeration. You could open a tear into the period of time before Zebuxoruk was imprisoned. There is no way you can free him from his stasis now, but if you were to halt the Pantheon at the time of imprisonment. Hah! It could work I do believe. Forgive me, but my old gnomish heart is alive with the excitement of possibilities. Gather up your strength friends, travel into the deep elements. You will need all of your wits about you. Find the very essence of the elementals, and fuse them into one. How to combine them I do not know, and can only wish you luck on finding that information. If you can accomplish this please come get me. I would like to record the events as they take place!'

Learning of Zebuxoruk's fate, the only way to save him is gather materials that will allow you to power up the machine to send you into the Plane of Time. Maelin has charged you with finding an elemental power source sufficient to activate Meldrath's time machine.

Plane of Time

Maelin tells you, 'The Quintessence! Oh my this is amazing! I have come into contact with Chronographer Muon in the realm of innovation. Go to him, show him you have the power to activate the machine. I shall meet you there, this I must see!'

Chronographer Muon tells you, 'Acquisition of power completed. Would you like to be transported to the time-projection chamber?'

Chronographer Muon tells you, 'Compliance.'

Loreseeker Maelin fidgets about with excitement, 'So here you are, this is quite impressive. I cannot wait to see the results of this impressive machine! I have coordinated with the clockworks here that have not gone mad. We have set the machine to tear a point of time open that should be equal to that based on the cipher and history that we have researched.'

Loreseeker Maelin says 'Based on the findings from the information that you brought back to me I have determined the exact time to open. I believe the machine will work. Please step up and activate the machine! Once you have formed a bond with the Plane of Time you will be able to access the Plane again through the Plane of Tranquility. They have built a portal there, but no one was able to become attuned to that plane, until you that is. Good luck!'

The ages begin to tear through your body. You wake to find yourself in another time.

Solusek Ro says, 'This is absurd, why are we wasting our time and energy on this!? Direct action is needed, now! Banishing Zebuxoruk will not stop the mortals from entering into our planes. Their greed for power will have them soon trampling through our realms!'

Rallos Zek says, 'On this I agree! We must take action and the time is now. I will not have these mortals achieving the powers that we hold.'

Fennin Ro says, 'Calm yourselves, you need to appreciate the situation that is at hand.'

Xegony says, 'Please listen to reason, we are doing what we must. The mortals possess a direct tie to Zebuxoruk. If his stasis is finished their link will dwindle as well as their powers and knowledge.'

Rathe says, 'The knowledge that was given to them by Zebuxoruk will fade from their minds. We must do this now, for if they were able to translate the divine language all existence would unravel. The balance of power in the universe would be destroyed.'

Solusek Ro says, 'This is exactly the point that I am making! So you agree we must show them now that we are the power above them, and not to be questioned!'

Rallos Zek says, 'You must see what he refers to; we must turn to Norrath and show them our power. What they are trying to accomplish cannot be allowed to come to pass.'

Fennin Ro says, 'My son, please understand we must stop this advancement of mortals without halting their existence. The balance of power must be maintained. Without the mortals the balance would fade.'

Solusek Ro says, 'So they have made your decision for you too father. You are all wrong, this will only bring them further into our realms seeking answers! We must take action now. Have at your foolish games, I will not allow them to obtain my power.'

You look up and see a meteor burning through the sky; Solusek returning to his tower to brood over the matters at hand.

Rathe says, 'Rallos still your warring heart. This is what must be done. We must place him in a stasis from which he will not be released. Come share your power. We must commence now.'

Xegony says, 'Mithaniel, Karana please record what you see here. With your good nature I am sure that your records will be impartial to any side. We must record this for the ages and learn from our mistake of allowing Zebuxoruk to gain so much power that is easily passed on to mortals.'

The Triumvirate of Water speaks as one voice. It says, 'Now step up to the chambers. Give a part of yourselves to the bind on Zebuxoruk. Through our power, the bonds on him will never be broken. He will be eternally placed in stasis.'

Saryrn says, 'What of our weakened state. I refuse to return to my realm without the power to rule over my minions.'

Terris Thule says, 'Yes, how can I spread my touch over my lands if I lack so much of myself?'

Cazic Thule says, 'Do not worry daughter, we shall stay here until we are able to recover our strength.'

Rallos Zek says, 'Our armies shall serve us as we regenerate our abilities. We have nothing to fear.'

Bertoxxulous says, 'My soldiers of pestilence shall watch over us. Let us return to our chambers now.'

Innoruuk says, 'Are you enjoying watching this Hammer of the Tribunal? I hope your petty report will show my disdain for the Tribunal having no hand in this.'

The Seventh Hammer says, 'Do not waste your energy Innoruuk. You know they are eternally preoccupied with their trials. Surely even you understand many of these trials exist because of the hate you instill into the population of Norrath.'

Innoruuk says, 'Do not mock me! I shall seek you out after this is done and my power is restored. You will not be so smug after our next meeting.'

Quarm has been slain!

Zebuxoruk staggers about and looks at you drowsy, from his weakened state. 'My thanks to you. I am surprised to see you have made it here. We must get back to Norrath. The time has come for me to share my knowledge. Something is coming, a threat to us all, and the sands in the hourglass are thinning. Make haste and take me back the way you came.'

Zebuxoruk says, 'I am surprised at the gods for taking such drastic measures, though I suppose all of the creations of the Nameless are capable of displaying poor judgment and irrational behavior. These gods are burdened with powers and responsibilities beyond our comprehension, yet at times even they do not understand the eventual effect of their actions. I am compelled to share the knowledge of the gods with the populace of Norrath, so that I might save their creations. They do not realize that if mortality ceases to exist... if they are not worshipped and held aloft by the beliefs of those that they now have grown to fear... they will fall from power and a new age of darkness will wash over existence as they know it. I did not seek to interfere with them or their realms, only to free them from a fate that awaits all of us. It is this fate that now stands ready, greedily gathered on the edge of the void, ready to test the will of all mortals.'

Zebuxoruk says, 'If they have taken measures these extreme I must rethink what I have done, and what I will do. If there was this much cause for conc...'

Suddenly in a bright flash a feminine figure appears before you. Your ears ring from the loud burst as she slowly materializes.

Druzzil Ro speaks with no movement of her mouth. Her thoughts flow through you, calming you as you begin to comprehend what she is trying to communicate to you.

Druzzil Ro speaks to your mind, 'Zebuxoruk, my student I cannot allow this to happen. If you were to escape from another prison the will and power of the gods will have been compromised.'

Zebuxoruk says, 'Druzzil, I have missed you. Wasn't it you that taught me in your own realm to seek knowledge and share it in all forms?'

Druzzil Ro speaks to your mind, 'That I did, but I also taught you not to share your wealth of knowledge if it would affect the fate of others. I cannot allow this to happen. I must set things back to how they were before you and these mortals arrived here, I believe that you cannot understand this and I am sorry.'

Druzzil Ro looks upon Zebuxoruk one last time, as a wave of sadness comes across her gentle face.

Druzzil Ro begins to chant an incantation; mana flows out from her body in all directions. Things begin moving slowly in reverse. You become dizzy from the experience and fall to your knees. As you look up the last thing you can see is Druzzil Ro smiling in your direction. She then waves her arms gracefully and points at you.

There is a brilliant flash and you find yourself displaced through time and space. For a moment you lose touch with yourself. As you wake, you find yourself back in the Plane of Knowledge, moments after talking to Maelin with the information of retrieving the Quintessence of Elements. Druzzil has preserved the timeline, and restored existence back to its normalcy.