The god of the sun and flames, Solusek Ro rules the Plane of Sun, and is the son of Fennin Ro, the elemental god of fire. He is also related to the other members of the divine Ro clan, Druzzil, Ayonae, though his exact relation to each is as yet uncertain, as well as his own son, Varig. Solusek is often referred to as the Burning Prince by mortals.

Solusek Ro is arguably the most widely-worshipped deity among wizards and other arcane spellcasters, with a significant number of worshippers from almost every race that utilizes arcane magic, and even a few from races that don't, traditionally. His teachings, much like the Burning Prince himself, are chaotic and based around power. His followers are taught to respect flame as both a giver and taker of life, that arcane magic is a fundamental component of the natural order, and that the acquisition of personal power is of paramount importance (with magic and knowledge being the greatest means of gaining this power). Solusek himself is a quick-tempered and capricious deity, traits most clearly illustrated in his destruction of the ancient Elddar Forest and simultaneous creation of the Desert of Ro, apparently out of simple jealousy of the success of Tunare and her Elddar Elf children. Despite this unabashedly belligerent persona, Solusek generally maintains a position of relative neutrality in the Pantheon, claiming no other gods as formal allies or enemies. He does, however, have a friendly rivalry with Mithaniel Marr, the details of which are as yet unknown.

Worshippers of Solusek are eclectic and fairly evenly distributed across Norrath. As such, the only real center of worship dedicated to the Burning Prince is the Temple of Solusek Ro, in the Lavastorm Mountains of Antonica.

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