The Ranger of Norrath is a cousin of the Druid, though one that specialises in melee as opposed to magical combat. They are usually referred to as Guardians or Wardens of Nature and many have similar beliefs and principles to Druids; though as their equipment often requires repairs and periodic replacing Rangers tend to be more comfortable socially than their spell casting counterpart. They do still have a similar ability to call upon spirits (of nature) and unseen forces but it is much more limited in its power, as such they are extensively trained in many weapon types and combat abilities, usually to a far greater level of proficiency than any Druid would be expected to reach.

A Rangers combat training focuses on offensive skills, with the defensive side left to an individuals cunning and agility. Many of a Rangers spells can either be used at a distance or allow the Ranger to fight outside their opponents range, archery is one of a Rangers primary weapon skills and when mastered becomes one of the most powerful weapons available to them. Rangers can also slow movement, 'root' a target to the ground and when fighting animals make them flee in fear. They gain some of the Druid 'blast' spells and can transform into a wolf when they reach the required level of power.

While defensively limited, a Ranger does have some defensive boons including the capability to wear chain armour. Their armour class and hit points can be magically raised and they can cast a shield which harms their opponent when they strike the Ranger. In addition Rangers can reduce aggression and 'lull' creatures enough that they wouldn't attack when approached, giving enough distraction to pick groups of them off one by one. Along with the best tracking ability of any profession this means Rangers are often considered the masters of hunting, commonly taking responsibility for scouting ahead or choosing suitable 'prey' for a party.

Ranger Races Drakkin, Half Elf, Halfling, Human, Wood Elf

Stats Edit

Rangers need to be strong to deal high damage in combat with the stamina to take any hits they may catch in return. Archery requires great dexterity in combination with their strength and its power can benefit greatly from enchanted arrows. The armour a Ranger wears is usually not very heavy or protective but the wearers agility can significantly contribute to its effectiveness.

Rangers cast a lot of spells during and between combat, requiring a lot of mana to be spent in the process. Wisdom determines a large proportion of the total mana available, giving an exceptionally wise Ranger far more spells to cast between each rest than the average. With some quite damaging spells Rangers can attract a lot of attention during combat and use their agility to avoid incoming blows.