The god of war and victory, Rallos Zek was one of the very first gods to take interest in Norrath, alongside Brell Serilis and Tunare and preceded only by the elemental gods and Veeshan. Also known as the Warlord, Rallos is the supposed patriarch of the divine Zek clan, one of the largest known families of gods, which also includes his twin sons Tallon and Vallon, his adopted son Rolfron, and his adopted daughter Sullon. Judging by certain bits of information and mysterious encounters reported by mortal adventurers, it is very possible that other Zeks exist that have yet to be encountered. Rallos Zek rules the Plane of War, and because his children all owe allegiance to him, he also has varying degrees of control over the Planes of Tactics, Rage, and likely others as well. He is the creator of several races, including the ogres, giants, orcs, and goblins

True to his title, the Warlord is the personification of militant darwinism. He cares for little outside war, conquest, and the survival of the fittest. His followers are taught to give no quarter and ask none in return, and that the only true rule of war is to win at all costs. Rallos Zek is one of the most widely-worshipped gods on Norrath, but the largest centers of his worship are the ogre city of Oggok on Antonica and the giant city of Kael Drakkel on Velious. Other locations marked by widespread worship of the Warlord include the bases of the Steel Warriors in Qeynos and Freeport; the home of the orcs of Clan Crushbone, Crushbone Citadel; and the tunnel complex extending beneath the Rujarkian Hills

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