The Paladin is similar to a Cleric in that they are a dedicated follower of their deity and are capable of healing their companions. This is really where the similarity ends, where a Cleric is much more of a spell caster than a Warrior, the Paladin is a Warrior with a few of the capabilities of a Cleric. Paladins are the militant arm of their Temple, performing the duties that require a more soldierly approach, Paladins are extensively trained in close combat with their magical abilities only a supplement to their other skills.

In part due to their close attachment to a Temple, Paladins are very religious individuals, they won't stand for behaviour at odds with their belief and often clash more physically in a meeting of minds. Fortunately their beliefs are compatible with all the good races of Norrath and they are accepted, though at times grudgingly in all civilised cities on the side of light. This general acceptance doesn't extend to the evil races, many of whom have a special hatred for their kind. Paladins represent all that Dark Elves despise and will often be attacked on sight, with no questions or hesitation. While the Ogres and Trolls don't share in this hatred, they do have a fair dislike and even willing Paladins won't find a friend in their company.

A Paladin is to the outside often thought of as too righteous and unapproachable, they tend to be quite set in their ways and have an unforgiving manner. A task is a task and it must be completed, there is no allowance for negotiation or compromise. They have little time for any outside their own circle and though willing to defend non or less 'rigid' believers won't socialise or really relate to them. This doesn't mean a Paladin is without heart or compassion, they will die in the defence of others and what they believe is right; just that they aren't people to joke or be mischievous with, especially when there are tasks to be done, or heathens to be slain.

Paladin Races Drakkin, Dwarf, Erudite, Froglok, Gnome, Half Elf, Halfling, High Elf, Human

Stats Paladins in combat are usually considered a close second for a Warrior, they don't have quite as many abilities and can't use such a wide range of weaponry, but their training is almost identical in fighting with bladed weapons and effectively wearing heavy armour. Like a Warrior, strength and stamina help to determine their effectiveness in close combat.

Paladins have considerable magical abilities in addition to their combat skills, relying on wisdom as Clerics do for their spell casting and mana pool. Their intelligence is usually quite high and they are by profession charismatic but neither effects any of their skills. Having a high agility can contribute to a Paladins ability to dodge and parry and gives a small boost to their usually sound armour class but it is still far from a primary statistic.