God of valor and one of the Marr Twins. Mithaniel Marr is the son of Tarew Marr, the god of water, and the twin brother of Erollisi Marr, the goddess of love. Mithaniel Marr is the creator of the frogloks and, along with his sister, is jointly responsible for the creation of the barbarians, and by extension humans and Erudites as well. He is also known as the Truthbringer and the Lightbearer. He rules the Plane of Valor.

Mithaniel Marr is the epitome of paladinhood, and embodies the concepts of honor, courage, nobility, and loyalty. He is a martial deity, but unlike Rallos Zek, who concerns himself primarily with war itself and the most effective way to gain victory in war, the Truthbringer deals more with the moral and ethical aspects of combat, such as determining whether a given motivation for going to war is just or unjust. Mithaniel Marr's followers are primarily based on the continent of Antonica, both in the Knights of Truth in the human city of Freeport and in the froglok city of Gukta in the Rathe Mountains, though small numbers of his worshippers can be found in many other locations across Norrath.

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