The city of the Wood Elves. This city is situated high in the trees within the Greater Faydark on the continent of Faydwer. Kelethin is bordered to the North by the Orcish kingdom of Clan Crushbone, to the East by the High Elven city of Felwithe, to the west by the Butcherblock Mountains, and to the south by the Forest of Lesser Faydark. The Wood Elves of Kelethin are closely allied with the High Elves of Felwithe, and to a lesser extent the Gnomes of Ak`Anon and the Dwarves of Kaladim. They are at constant war with the Orcs of Clan Crushbone, who are allied with the Dark Elves of Neriak. They are under the constant threat of attack from the Undead who inhabit Castle Mistmoore and the Mistmoore Catacombs which spread from under it throught the continent of Faydwer.