Jaled Dar
Jaled Dar's Shade
Age  ??
Race: Dragon Shade
Gender: Male
City of Birth: Kunark
Class:  ??
Titles Former Lord of the Ring of Scale
Date of Death 4100 A.N.; 500 A.G.
Expansion Appears In Scars of Velious

Jaled Dar is the patron of the Dar Brood, and the original head of the Ring of Scale on Kunark. Not much is known about his affairs before the rift between the Ring and the Claws of Veeshan, but it remains obvious that he agreed with a more direct policy of intervention with the mortals. Nevertheless, he remained a conservative figure in the Ring of Scale, which resulted in another rift that had the potential of fomenting into civil strife over the idea of how to deal with the Sebilisian Empire on Kunark.

Early YearsEdit

Jaled Dar was a leader of the Ring of Scale, the breakaway group of dragons that felt that it was the place of the dragons to rule over the mortals. He fathered the Dar Brood, and was later succeeded by his daughter after the aerial battle with Ganak. He is known as a First Brood Dragon.

Before leading the breakaway Ring of Scale, he played a part in the imprisoning of Kerafyrm, and is one of the few who remember how exactly to unlock the Sleeper's Tomb.

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