Playable Classes Cleric, Druid, Rogue, Paladin, Warrior

Armor Size Small

Race Abilities Infravision, Disease & Poision Resistance +5, Sneak & Hide +50

History Edit

No one is sure where Halflings originally come from, but are believed by many to be the children of Karana (The Rain Keeper). This belief is due to the many Halflings that worship Karana and the power of the elements. They have a great respect for the storms and monsoons that batter their farmsteads, realising that with the destruction they bring new life and health to the living. It is not uncommon for Halflings to become more active servants of Karana, taking up the bow or sword as a Ranger or Paladin. Those who have a dislike for close combat and prefer to call more directly upon nature are often taken under the wing of an experienced Druid.

Not all Halflings will decide on professions that take them far from home, Halfling Clerics and Warriors are a familiar sight on the grassy tracks near their hamlet. Many will spend a lot of time in the Thicket near their home of Rivervale, becoming bakers and tailors. The food prepared by Halflings is seen throughout Norrath and of high demand, even finding its way to the Moon, Luclin.

Through trade and exploration Halflings have encountered all the known races of Norrath, their travels are hot topics in the Inns and Taverns of Rivervale. They have a great liking for an adventure and a good story and many have made lifelong friends that are of a different race and deity. Halflings have always been very sociable and welcoming creatures, despite the trouble it often gets them into. Their warmth and kindness gives them no respect among many of the more primitive races and the Trolls would usually rather eat one than try to befriend one. Though there are a few Ogres that have found acceptance among the Halflings and even Dark Elves have been known to gain entry to a Halflings humble abode.

This is not to say that Halflings are a passive or docile race, they are quite willing to fight if they need to and despite their size are quite strong and sturdy. Among their other qualities they are gifted with agility, wisdom and a sharp intellect and wit. Halfling Rogues are not unheard of and their talents produce very proficient ones at that. While it would easily be possible for them to use these talents for their own gain, Halflings are on the whole an honourable race, they do enjoy a good chuckle and often play jokes with their companions, but rarely with any malice or ill will. They are one of the oldest, most established, wisest and though small and at times childish, highly respected races of Norrath.