Playable Classes Cleric, Enchanter, Paladin, Magician, Necromancer, Rogue, Shadow Knight, Warrior, Wizard

Armor Size Small

Race Abilities Infravision, Tinkering (crafting skill that can be increased at level 16)

History Edit

Gnomes were the second race created by Brell Serilis and are the smaller cousins of the Dwarves, though unlike Dwarves, Gnomes are not very strong or particularly tough for their size. While Dwarves were blessed with strength and sturdiness, Gnomes were given a healthy share of intelligence and dexterity. Gnomes are famous throughout Norrath for the gadgets and devices they create; they are the only race with any skill at Tinkering and the only ones capable of producing anything useful from their efforts. Many of the gadgets Gnomes tinker are highly sought after by adventurers and they are known to create devices to help with staying underwater for lengthy periods, increasing the skill of crafters with special tools and even finding a lost corpse.

The Gnomes of Norrath live in Ak'Anon, a little clockwork city full of mechanical treasures. Many of their accomplishments can be seen roaming around or deactivated and on display. In addition to the many tool and work shops inside their city, the Gnomes also have a large arcane library. It is visited by many scholars and apprentices and rivals even the great library of Erudin. Gnomes often take up the magical professions, despite their leanings towards machinery and science and because of their high dexterity and intelligence make very powerful examples.

Similar in alignment to the Dwarves, Gnomes are considered a 'good' people, though some have become Necromancers and more recently, Shadow Knights; though even those who study necromancy tend to do so in a similar manner to the Erudites of Paineel and have little interest in the darker side of their profession. The religion they follow tends to be their father and creator Brell Serilis but many will follow religions more in keeping with their studies. Religion is rarely a matter of any discussion or significance in their society, Gnomes tend to just rush around only concerning themselves with their own affairs. They don't really hate any race but dislike any aggression or interference, Gnomes are usually considered to be one of the more neutral aligned of the good races, though they are friendly with all but Dark Elves, the Iksar, Ogres and Trolls.