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Playable Classes

Cleric, Paladin, Shaman, Warrior, Wizard

Armor Size

Small, Medium

Race Abilities

Swimming +125, Ultravision

History: Frogloks have been around in Norrath for a long time, but have been confined to small groups and dark, secluded locations. Their city in the Swamp of No Hope is perhaps the best example of their isolation, and for many years the only example of any kind of known Froglok society and civilisation. In very recent times The Truthbringer: Mithaniel Marr chose the humble Frogloks to help further his cause, and in part reward for their efforts in securing his freedom and in part of their own achievement, they have achieved a somewhat equal status with the other civilised races of Norrath.

The great cause of their rise within the forces of light began with a long and costly battle against the Trolls of Grobb. With their eventual victory, though they lost many of their number, the Frogloks gained a valuable stronghold to continue establishing themselves and begin building a functional society. They are still really only getting started and time will tell if they can one day hold the same influence over Norrath's fate as the human race, or if they will be consigned to the swamps of their birth and their earlier undeserving exile.

With their dedicated worship of Mithaniel Marr the Frogloks have fast developed into a proud and principled race. Closely following his teachings and reflecting his attitude and nobility, they are known as a truthful and honest people among those who have encountered them. The other good or neutral aligned races will accept and often welcome them, but there are still some who remain indifferent or even hostile. The Frogloks have yet to prove themselves in many eyes and are viewed with the suspicion once reserved for the Vah Shir, when the portal to Luclin was reopened.

Though Frogloks are fast making progress in their acceptance with the good races; the evil still think of them as just an annoyance, and would never allow them inside or anywhere near their cities and outposts. Trolls have a great hatred of their conquerors, much less than their ogre companions and will attack a Froglok on sight without hesitation. Inexperienced Frogloks would do well to stay clear of the Dark Elf city of Neriak, the Dark Elves resent having to put up with Trolls almost as much as the Trolls do having to stay there.