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Playable Classes Bard, Beastlord (made available March 16, 2014 as a part of the 15th anniversary), Druid, Ranger, Rogue, Warrior

Armor Size Small, Medium

Race Abilities Infravision, Forage +50, Hide +50


Wood Elves are probably the most often seen of the Elven races. They are very sociable and tolerant, without the superior attitude and demeanour of the High Elves. Wood Elves enjoy exploring Norrath and mixing with other cultures and their Bards can be found on every continent, playing songs and telling tales in Taverns throughout the known regions and beyond.

Wood Elves were created by the Goddess Tunare: Mother of All who is widely considered as the Queen of Nature. Almost all Wood Elves have a love of the wilderness and a telling sign is the location of their capital city of Kelethin, up amongst the trees. They are often found answering Nature's call in the professions of a Druid or Ranger, acting as a guardian of Nature's creatures and forests.

Wood Elves will usually respect those who respect Nature and are often found in the company of Druids and Rangers of any race and deity. Taking care of the Forest that protects and provides for them is a seldom questioned part of a Wood Elf's priorities. Despite this not all will become a Druid or Ranger, their natural agility and intellect lend well to the ways of a rogue, while the Emerald Warriors often train new recruits how to handle an axe and a sword. Tunare is certainly the most common deity for them to follow but its not uncommon for Wood Elves to be swayed by the teachings of the many different cultures and beliefs they come across and interact with.

Unlike their High Elf cousins Wood Elves don't object to outside influences in Elven culture, they are regarded as an open and welcoming race. Wood Elves lead much less structured lives than their cousins and have a great fondness and talent for art and music. They can at times be playful and mischievous but never with ill meaning intentions. A great deal of those who have encountered Wood Elves talk of them as a kind, forgiving race and it is almost exclusively the union of Humans and Wood Elves of which Half Elves are descended from.

Unfortunately for the Ogres and Trolls of Antonica, the open arms of Wood Elf society don't extend to their primitive hides. While Wood Elves don't particularly hate them, they won't welcome them anywhere near their homelands as Ogres and Trolls are in league with the Dark Elves who have developed an allegiance with the Orcs of Crushbone, the clan that have repeatedly tried to besiege Kelethin. Through the joint efforts of Dwarf and Elf the Orcs have been kept at bay but they are an unwelcome reminder of the dangers in the forest and to their tree based home.

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